Cat Grooming


Cats need grooming for a variety of reasons. Many cats have long fur and owners are not able to maintain their coat by themselves. There are a variety of options for these cats. 

Long haired cats, such as Persians, or Himalayans have a very dense undercoat that will mat when it is not brushed out. While these cats do shed, they are not able to brush through their dense coats without human assistance. Owners can opt to have their cat brushed out monthly at our shop, or they may opt for a shave down. Most cats prefer to keep their long coat, as it does help them regulate their body temperature. If you do choose to clip your cat down there are a number of lengths that would be safe for your cat, and we can explore them when you come in and we can feel the cat’s coat. 

Some people have cat allergies and own cats, and the easiest way to control this is to maintain the cat’s coat with a brush out and a waterless shampoo. We also use avocado oil, to help keep the cat’s skin supple, and it helps the coat from tangling for a while. Many owners have had great success doing his monthly and a maintenance brush out is an inexpensive way to not only keep your allergies at bay, but also keep your cat in perfect condition.


Short haired aged cats can require some assistance with grooming because they develop arthritis and bending to clean themselves is simply no longer an option. We can help with a brush out and this will help your elder family member feeling great. 

Kittens can often become messy because of dietary changes. This is easily remedied with a quick brush out and waterless shampoo.