We are working to ensure your safety


Our COVID-19 Protocols

Here at Furry Tails, we are doing our best to ensure the safety of the pets in our care as well as their owners. We have taken certifications to help us serve you in the best way possible and keep you and your pets safe during this time. 

Toward this end we ask that you help us accomplish this by understanding our new routine.  All staff has taken two courses in best practices for dealing with COVID-19 in order to give you and your pets the best service possible. 

Normally our drop off times are within an hour to two hour time period, during this time as we must have available staff to deal with intake we ask that your drop off is at the time discussed when the appointment is made. 

If you are not well we ask that you please do not bring your dog to the salon. We cannot risk our staff's healthy and safety. 


Our New Procedures for Customers

Please watch so you know the new procedures. 

Intake procedure for customers:

No owners will be allowed in the salon under any circumstances in order to comply with the COVID-19 PPGSA (Pet Professional Groomers & Stylists) guidelines that we always require within our shop. 

1. We ask that each dog is walked in our dog walk before proceeding to the porch area. Even if they went at home we ask that you give them the opportunity. With thesee protocols taking much more of our time we want to make sure everyone gets out in a timely fashion. Spending a lot of time walking the dogs reduces the time we'll have forcing us to reduce the number of dogs we can groom in a day.

2. We ask that one customer and their pets enter the porch at a time. The next customer should wait either in their cars or 6’ from the gate. 

3. We ask that pets are brought onto the porch and the newly installed gate be closed behind you. All pets must be on a collar and leash or harness and leash. We will NOT be taking any pets from the owner’s arms. 

4.  One of our staff will meet you at the door and take your dog in. We will replace the collar and leash, or harness and leash with a slip lead. We will then return the collar and leash or harness and leash to you. 

5. We will discuss the groom with you through the storm door and set up a pickup time for you to return. We will also ask for an email or text number with which we can send the invoice once the groom is finished.


Checkout procedures for customers

1. We will send the invoice to you for your groom. Once this is paid and you come to get your pet we will walk them to the door on a slip lead. We will let the pet out to the owner on the front porch and the owner can either replace the slip lead with the collar and leash on the porch or do so once they return to their car. We ask that they bring the slip lead back and put it in the bucket located just outside the gated area. These will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of the day. 


Groomer procedures we will be following

 1. Before making the appointment, ask clients how they are feeling, if they have been out of their homes recently or if anyone sheltering in place with them is sick or has been hospitalized.

2. Practice good social distancing in and out of the salon.

3. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after dealing with a client.

4. Spray or wipe clothing/aprons with a disinfectant immediately after taking a pet from the owner.

5. All staff should wear a face mask, ask customers to do the same. 

6. Triage the pets, giving priority to the pets in the most need (pets with chronic skin and/or health issues, high-maintenance pets, pets at risk for developing health problems due to the lack of grooming).

7. Refuse service to pets that require two people to groom, as this compromises social distancing practices.

8. Place pets directly into the tub and bathe prior to grooming.

9. Allow enough time between appointments to thoroughly clean and disinfect between pets and clients.

10. Use no-touch payment systems. If not possible, provide zip lock bags for clients to place their cash/checks in and put them in a UV sanitizer before opening.

11. Clean and wipe down crates, keyboards, touchscreens, tables, counters and door handles.

12. All daily and after pet cleaning and disinfecting routines will continue as normal as they are more stringent than the advised routines for COVID-19. The link to that can be found below. 

We are doing our very best to ensure the safety of staff, pets and customers at all times. We thank you for your patience as we do our very best to ensure service to all of our customers in a timely manner. 

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Our Daily and After Each Pet Protocols