Our Specialty Soap & Nose and Paw Butter


From Beast to Beauty Soap

Furry Tails From Beast to Beauty is something we use every single day in our shop. It lathers nicely, and cleans very well. It helps with grease, odors, and will moisturize instead of drying out the skin and coat. After rinsing the skin and coat feel luxuriously clean and supple. This soap is made in Princeton, MA and sells for $10 a bar.


We always disclose ingredients

Our full ingredient list is on every bar of soap. As you can see here the ingredients are all natural and organic. The goats are even fed organic to ensure everything that goes into this soap is the best it can be. 


3 Little Pugs Nose & Paw Butter

Our 3 Little Pugs Nose & Paw Butter is made from the finest ingredients. It's all natural and organic, and every ingredient is listed on the label. We use it daily for dry noses, chapped noses, chapped paws, and senior dogs that need help softening their pads to ensure better grip. This nose and paw butter is made in Princeton, MA sells for $10 a .5 ounce stick.  


Our ingredient list

We always share our ingredients. We never like to have anyone guess what it means with vague or generic terms. We will tell you everything we put into our products. 


3littlepugsMSDS (docx)


From Beast to Beauty MSDS (docx)



"As a dog grooming salon owner, I’m always in search of quality products to use on my clients and retail for their needs.   

I stumbled on Furry Tails nose balm in a professional forum while searching for help for one of my clients. Anjie from Furry Tails contacted me personally, informed me of her product and not only sent me  a sample to give my client, included one for us to try in my salon.  This stuff is awesome! It works well, especially for short nosed breeds prone to dry and gunky noses. I even had customers hounding me to get  it in for them!  

Awesome customer service and great product! "

         Anita Auxer  

         Happy Tails Inc  

         Camp Hill, PA