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We provide the very best in biodegradable, hypoallergenic, natural shampoos with your pet in mind. We use the very best in essential oils to ensure their coat stays healthy, supple and comfortable year round. We will brush them out so you won't have tumbleweeds of fur blowing through your home. We will give them a haircut to your specifications, making sure any special requests you have are met to the best of our ability.
We do all this in a calm, quiet environment designed to ensure their comfort and happiness. Even if you have a nervous dog, we can help them have a fantastic spa day!
At the end of it all they have a complimentary picture taken in the current theme, which will be posted to our Facebook page. Upon your next return you will be given a free copy as a keepsake.

Service Prices for Dogs


Choose from our menu of spa services, bath & neaten, haircut, a la carte, you decide what works best for you and your dog!

Service Prices for Cats


 Do you need a brush out, or a shave down? Here you can match our services with your needs so your cat is feeling super too! 



Have questions? We can answer them, many of the most common you will find here. 

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About the people your pet will share their day with while they're at Furry Tails. 

Calendar of Picture Themes


Are you looking for a specific theme for your collection or keepsake? Here you can find our calendar of themes so you can plan accordingly.   

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Here you will find our Terms of Service and the new client forms we require. To expedite drop off for your first visit you can download and fill these our before you come in. 

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