Frequently Asked Questions


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What forms of payment do you accept? We accept cash, check, credit, debit and gift cards.

How long will it take to groom my dog? Usually it takes 3 hours to groom your dog. Nail trims take only a few minutes while you wait. Cat grooming can take 30 minutes-45 minutes for a brush out, 2-3 hours for a shave down. 

When is drop off? Normally 8:30-10am, though arrangements can be made to drop them off later. 

When is payment due? Payment is due on pickup. 

What if I miss an appointment? When you make an appointment we block off that time and that crate for your pet.  When you do not give us notice we cannot fill that spot with another pet, and that results in lost wages.  If you do not call and do not show we will require nonrefundable prepayment for your next appointment. For the second time you miss an appointment it is $20 fee in addition to the nonrefundable prepayment for your next groom. 

What if I need to cancel? Call us, we’ll be more than happy to reschedule you to another day that works better for you. We do appreciate it if you can give us at least 24 hours notice so we can fill the spot we reserved for your pet. 

What shots does my animal need to be groomed? We require a rabies certificate (tag won’t do, we need the expiration date), and recommend bordatella for dogs. 

Do you do flea dips or flea shampoos? We do not. Fleas are best controlled and exterminated from your pet with a myriad of products available from your vet. These can kill all the fleas on your pet within 24 hours. Flea baths and dips will not kill the fleas that will run into your pet’s ears, and nose when they are dipped or bathed. We do not accept dogs with fleas because we do not want to expose our other clients to them. 

My dog is sick, should I bring it to be groomed? No, we will gladly reschedule you. If your dog has stomach upset or kennel cough we ask that you wait until this is cured to bring them in. 

Will you do a vet prescription bath on my dog? Yes, we would be more than happy to use your shampoo, prescription or otherwise for your dog. 

Can I pick up my dog later in the day? Absolutely, we have crates available to the animal assigned to them until 5 pm. We will make sure your pet has water and goes out when they need to. 

I have a pet with a seizure disorder, or another medical condition that requires an express groom, can you accommodate that? Yes, we will be more than happy to find a time frame for you to bring your pet in, and give them an express groom. There is a $10 fee for express grooms. You are welcome to wait in the waiting room if you would like while we groom your dog, or in the room with your cat while it is groomed. 

Do you crate the dogs? We do, for their safety. Not all dogs like other dogs, and we wouldn’t want your dog to be injured by a dog aggressive dog. We have a one dog on the floor at a time policy because while your pet is here their safety is our priority. If you do not wish your pet to be crated we can do an express groom for a $10 fee. 

What if I don’t want a bandana on my dog? Just let us know and we won’t put one on. 

Should I leave my leash and collar when I drop my dog off? We recommend you do because in the past the designated pickup person was unable to pick up the dog (sick child, flat tire). That way the person picking up the dog will have a collar and leash to walk them out. 

I want my Golden Retriever or other double coated breed shaved down, will you do that? We do not recommend this, as it exposes the dog to sunburn, bug bites, and makes regulating their body temperature difficult, so heat stroke can become an issue. Also older dog’s fur may not grow back in properly, or at all. If you want a dog with this type of coat shaved down we will ask you to sign a release form freeing us from liability for any of the aforementioned issues. We will not shave Labs, Boxers, Pugs, or other short coated breeds. We will gladly de-shed them to alleviate shedding. 

Do you express anal glands? We do not. Anal gland expression done properly is an internal procedure, and Massachusetts state law requires all internal procedures be done under the supervision of a veterinarian.