Bath & Neaten or Haircut?


What service does your dog need?


Many people are unsure what they are looking for when they call for an appointment. Every shop has different terms they use for different things. 

What’s the difference? 

A bath and neaten is when your dog’s body length doesn’t need to be clipped. They just need a basic tidy up on their face, feet and privates and skirt (for Goldens. Setters, and like breeds with longer fur). It includes a bath, conditioner, nail trim, ear cleaning and plucking, and a thorough brush out. This is what anyone with a short coated dog will need, such as a Labrador, Pug, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, et al. 

*This is for dogs that are not severely matted. Severe matting will require a short clip, as we will not brush out that type of matting since it can cause bruising, skin irritations, and the chance of injury to the dog is not something we will risk. *

A haircut includes a full body clip as well as a bath, conditioner, nail trim, ear cleaning and plucking, as well as a thorough brush out. We will make the clip as long or as short as you would like, as long as the dog is not severely matted. We cannot brush through severe matting, as it can cause injury to your dog. We will gladly give your dog whatever style you would like, and will trim it to your desires. We will do a breed clip, or we can show you our photo book of different styles and you can choose a style you would like best for your pet.