Cleaning & Disinfecting Policy and Procedures

UV Sterilizing Unit for Grooming Tools

The following are the cleaning and disinfecting procedures from our Operating Manual.

Piia, Anjie, Christie, and Angie have all been certified in Salon Sanitation and follow all advised cleaning, disinfecting and sanitation protocols learned in that certification class. Our normal cleaning procedure takes 4-6 man-hours per day every day the shop is in operation.


We also have an Aerus Beyond UV sterilizer air purifier that circulates 2000 sq ft per hour. Our spa is 1350 sq ft so the entire spa air is circulated and cleaned one and a half times per hour. 

With the advent of COVID-19 we have also begun new protocols which can be found here:

Cleaning Cloths

Each cloth in the shop has a specific color because it has a specific purpose. White towels are only to dry pets and to be placed on the towel warmers for them to lie on after being bathed. They are never to be used to pick up waste (urine or feces) of any kind. You would never use your own towel for this purpose, nor should you use a pet's towel for this purpose. Blue cloths are for cleaning; these can be found in the grooming room in the white storage cabinet. Yellow cloths are for cleaning the cat room only. Green cloths are never to be used for cleaning objects they are only to be used for cleaning cats or rabbits. The yellow and green microfiber cloths can be found only in the cat room in the tool chest. The orange microfiber cloths are only for washing faces and rear ends on dogs (in that specific order). They are never to be used for cleaning. The Absorber towels are only for drying dogs. Every one of these items must be put in the wash after use and must be bleached. 

Mixing Disinfectant

Disinfectant or QUAT (quaternary ammonium chloride compounds) must be swapped out for Monday morning and again for Thursday morning. Monday through Thursday we use Kennel Sol at the proper dilution to kill all zoonoses, which is 1 cup to one gallon of water. Thursday through Saturday we use Best Shot 256, at the dilution rate to kill all zoonoses which is ¼ cup to one gallon. The measuring cups for these will be found attached to each of the concentrates.
Fill the gallon with water first leaving enough room for the QUAT, and then put that in. Shake to mix then fill cleaning bottles as necessary.
Switching the cleaners midweek must be done to ensure that no bacteria can become immune to the cleaner we use and all bacteria die when disinfected.

Cleaning the Tub

First remove all hair from the walls, ceiling, closet, any other nearby surface and air conditioner near the tub. Squeegee the floor to remove any fur on the floor. Dry with an orange ShamWow. If you have an exceptionally furry dog that is blown out in the tub this should be done after they are finished.

Each tub must be cleaned with a Chlorhexidine wash after each dog and at the end of the day with 256. After each dog all the tools used, the tub walls and mat must be disinfected. At the end of the day the procedures are as follows: All tools, scrubbies, gloves, combs, squeegee, measuring spoons and any other materials will be put into the tub along with the mat for inside the tub, the mats you stand on, and the raised grates for the small dogs. Fill the tub with 3 gallons of water and enough 256 to kill any zoonotic disease. Then run the mixture through the hydrosurge and apply it to every single inch of every item in the tub. This procedure will take no less than 5 full minutes to ensure each item has been thoroughly disinfected. Once this time has passed drain the tub, and rinse each item out including the hydrosurge with clean water. Once each item is rinsed and the tub is drained squeegee out the tub. Place the grates and any other tools on clean towels. Any water left in the tub must be wiped down so the tub is completely dry and will be fresh and ready for the next day.  Anti-fatigue mats should be placed on the ramps so they can dry for the next day. 

Cleaning Grooming Tables

After each pet is finished being groomed, dried, or had their nail trim done each table must be vacuumed, and then cleaned and disinfected with the appropriate cleaner for the day of the week.
Areas around grooming tables must be vacuumed after each pet to ensure proper footing in the grooming areas. The UV wands should be run over the grooming table after each pet to ensure proper sanitation.

Cleaning Crates

After a dog leaves each crate must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The towel and Primo Pad must be removed, the towel goes in the wash, the Primo Pad must be cleaned and both sides must be disinfected. The crate must be vacuumed, and then the entire interior, top, sides, bottom and crate door must be cleaned and disinfected.  Once this is finished be sure to clean off the dog’s name on the crate and close the door so we know it is freshly cleaned and ready for the next dog the next day. 

UV Sterilizing Tower Lamp

Cleaning Grooming Tools

Grooming tools should be sanitized in the UV toaster after each pet for a minimum of 15 minutes. This includes but is not limited to every clipper blade, comb, and brush. Hemostats should be replaced in the Barbasol container at each grooming station. The Barbasol must be changed each and every end of the week to ensure proper disinfection. Shears should be placed for 3 minutes into the shear disinfecting cups. A small amount of shear oil may need to be applied to them after the 3rd or fourth disinfection of the day at the joint and along with the shear blades. Clipper blades will need blade oil after every other use. 


All towels, cleaning rags or any other fabric of any kind will be bleached. The bleach can be found in the first large storage container on the second to last shelf on the left-hand side. All smocks will be tossed on top of the other laundry so they don’t get bleach burned but must be bleached as well. 


All floors must be vacuumed after each groom and hallways must be done as often as possible to limit the fur blowing down from the grooming room. The front waiting room should be vacuumed whenever it is needed during the day if there is time. It must be done at the end of the day and the vacuum for this can be found by the door in the picture room. Please empty the canister when it is full.
The floors are to be washed with the green mop first. Use one mop head per area, one for the grooming room, one for the back hallway, picture room and cat room, and the third for the front room. After the floor is dried use the steam cleaner and again use one mop head per area, one for the grooming room, one for the back hallway, picture room and cat room, and the third for the front room. 


The walls should be wiped down at the end of the day in the bathing area. The walls and doors in and around the front waiting room should be wiped down and disinfected at the end of each day. 

UV Sterilizer Tower Lamps

At the end of each day, the two tall UV Sterilizing lamps must be set up. One needs to go in the grooming room, the other in the hallway where the crates are. The cat room must be done after the last cat for the day has gone home. All exterior doors to the waiting room and front lobby area must be closed when these are to be used or they will kill every plant out there. 

To use them: 1. Plug in 2. Press Power 3. Press the time button until it reaches 60 minutes. 4. Once you have everything you will need to leave in the front lobby and all doors are closed press the power button on the one in the grooming room. 5. Once that is done press the power button on the one in the hallway. 6. You have 30 seconds to leave the area. Close the door behind you. 7. If for any reason you must return to this side of the shop you must wear the UV protective glasses. Also, don’t breathe in if possible. 

In the morning each lamp must be unplugged and returned to the area behind the picture room door in the small nook beside the storage closet with the towels for coloring in it.